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Far Infrared therapy was developed in Japan. Mediwarm® calls it “Far Infrared Resonance Therapy” It creates a heat similar to heating lamps, but at 9400 nm wavelength.

The reason this wavelength is so effective for treatment is because it resonates with the wavelength of your body's heat energy. The phenomenon is called "resonant absorption".

 This process assists in removing toxins deep in fat tissues and increases blood flow to muscles, tendons and tissue which helps the healing process. Increased blood flow stimulates the flow of nutrients and collagen which increases the elasticity of tendons and muscles.

Because 9400 nm infrared can penetrate body tissue up to 40 mm, and not just the skin surface, the Mediwarm® system is far more effective that other infrared heat sources.

Mediwarm® uses flexible carbon filament fibers to radiate FIR energy at peak wavelength of 9400 nanometers.

Typical treatments begin at 30-45 minutes, twice daily. Our temperature is adjustable between 38°- 50° C ( 104.4° - 122° F) and the controller has an adjustable timer from 5- 60 Minutes.

The Mediwarm® treatment mat can be placed directly against the skin and muscles. It is not necessary to remove your clothing. It's completely safe. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids when using any infrared product.  

Mediwarm ® comes in a carry-bag, leaving you the option of using it almost anywhere you go. It weighs just 3 Kg. Its perfect for those winter ski trips or any travel. The treatment mat surface is a full 150 cm x 60 cm and is flexible and durable.

The Mediwarm© Far Infrared System is safe for Clinic use, or for home use. Its been tested in the EU and meets all CE Safety requirements. Our wavelength has been verified by the University of West Bohemia.

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