Mediwarm® Far Infrared Mat

Far Infrared Resonance Therapy

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Gerry, London, UK

I have to say I'm delighted.  After visiting my osteopath she informs me that I have two frozen shoulders, so there isn't going to be a quick fix.  However I find the only thing that gives relief from the excruciating pain is heat.  Even opiate painkillers don't work.  An hour at 50 degrees really does wonders and gets rid of a great deal of the pain.  Since using the Mediwarm I have regained a little of the lost range of shoulder movement and hope that will continue to improve.

An added advantage is that my usual low temperature reaches a normal 37 degrees after a session, which must be beneficial for all sorts of metabolic processes.

I would definitely recommend the Mediwarm to other sufferers of muscle and skeletal problems.

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