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Mediwarm Far Infrared Resonance Therapy is a great system to add when deep heat treatment is required. Many therapists use it before or during treatment instead of heat packs or infrared lamps because its so easy to use. Its great for treating back problems with deap heat because your patient can lay on their backs instead of their stomachs during treatment.

If you are a sports therapist, Mediwarm has proven to provide faster recovery time for athletes. Its portability means you can treat your clients on site. Currently Mediwarm being used by an Olympic Wrestling team and Ballet company as part of their stretching regime. Mediwarm resonance heat (9400 nm) increases the flow of nutrients and collagen which, according to medical studies, improves the elasticity of tendons and muscles by 20% after several treatments.

If you use Infrared lamps then you should definitely look Mediwarm to provide a better, safer and more cost effective treatment. It Uses only 90 watts instead of 1000 watts as with infrared heat lamps and other warming systems.

  1. It’s the wavelength that sets us apart from other infrared devices
  2. it is absolutely safe to use. Not dangerous to the eyes, no worries about overexposure
  3. Exact temperature is easy to control with timer
  4. No emf (e-smog)
  5. It is economical. It uses very little power

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