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Carp SRO was founded 24 Aug. 2000 in Praha by Marshall Clark Cupp. Its first main business was Engineering and project consulting in the field of Telecommunications and IT, Marshall come to the Czech Republic in 1991 and was former Director of Business Development for Eurotel which has since been bought by O2.

Over the last several decades, Marshall has been a consultant in product development, product and change management for Adidas group; Microsoft Deutschland; Siemens; DHL Global; Nortel; and others. He also has considerable experience in Product development and Manufacturing in Silicon Valley in California during the 80’s.

In 2003 his wife, Soňa Cuppová started a special relocation service for foreign business people that provided relocation services and assistance in obtaining Green Cards in the Czech Republic. This was under the Carp Sro company name-


In 2007 its founder, Marshall Clark–Cupp change the direction of the company to focus development of alternative medical devices. After the pain relief vioxx drug recall, Marshall was looking for a solution to help relieve his back pain and provide healing based on alternative medicine.

After investigation of healing modalities and technology’s such as Rife, Magnetic devices, and Far Infrared resonance, Marshall started to develop system which he thought would be the safest and provide pain relief. Working with consultations from the ITC testing Lab in Zlin, CZ he wrote a product specification for a Far-Infrared Resonance device. After a year of development Mediwarm receive CE approval for their system in December 2008. Manufacturing started in 2010

The Mediwarm product was brought to market in 2011 and has since had two upgrades based on the first model. The new cp220-wf-eu which has a new processor, quite fan, and better software was introduced in 2012. And a new dual voltage US version in 2015.

Working with the University of West Bohemia in the Czech Republic, Mediwarm was tested and certified to produce a peak wave length of 9400 Nano-meters or 9.4 Microns which resonates with bodies heat energy.

he product sales are about 70% to medical and alternative medical community comprised of Physiotherapists, Massage therapists, Doctors, and naturopaths. The next market has been to Seniors and home users.

Marshalls wife, Sona Cuppová, is now managing director of the company so that Marshall can spend more time on product development. Sona has studied in Medical School specialization as an Optician in Brno, CZ. As a lifelong sports enthusiast, interest has always been in physical therapy and bodywork and since 2007 she has been studying various modalities and body therapies. She is a licensed Therapist in Czech, Germany and also California USA. She is fluent in Czech, Slovak, English, Italian, and German languages.

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